Monday, June 28, 2010

Two Tips

First off, my laptop has died!!!! its in with the doctor at the mo and im hoping he can revive it or at least get everything off the hard drive, ive loads of photos on it, EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!! i'm using my boyfriends laptop for the moment.

Second off, watched a bit of Glastonbury last night and have fallen back in love with Muse. i'd forgot how good they are. i really want to see them live again,

Third off, got a part time job, woooooo, 1-2 days a week working in a shop that sells school uniforms, its only til Sept but at least its something, its in Dublin bout 2 hours from my house, so nice early starts to be in for nine. but money and something to do!

Fourth off, :) A Card for my aunt from my mam, its my aunts 50th in aug. i know its a bit early but better to have it done.

The papers i used are from the 12 x 12 honey n' hugs (Stripy one), the green flowery one is from the 12 x 12 DCWV the pocket full of posies, and the swirly stripy one is from 4.5 x 6.5 DCWV the sweet matsack (if you find this in a shop buy it, its is gorgeous). The ribbon i used was from my stash. The image is from the Bentley bears stamps that were free with Cardmaking & Papercraft. He's coloured in with promarkers,

Bentley is coloured in with Henna and i used the Blender pen to give him some lighter parts and doubled the henna for darker parts as i only have henna from the browns.
Nose: Dusty pink
Ballons: Amethyst, Poppy, Canary and Bright Orange.
Shadow: Cool Gray 1
I inked around the edge of the image with some yellow ink,

Next i printed out two tips on White velum. and added them to the card outside and inside.

I added Sister to the top corner and added yellow gems to finish it off.

I'm off to watch some Muse on Youtube now :) Enjoy the Rest of the weekend!


Friday, June 25, 2010

daisy and dandelion challenge 20th june - 4th july

So here is the challenge
Using any of the hawthorn and bramble pictures
Using yellow and red papers (any shade)
Have as many emblishments on it (flowers, ribbon, buttons etc)
Have a bit of glitz on it somewhere
it can be for any ocassion

this is what i came up with.

i used a red and yellow paper from the capusle collection, and an image of hawthorn? in a hamock from the hawthorn and bramble notelets, i used a template from a notebook of templates i have.

then i cut some yellow vellum and put it through my big shot. i placed them on each side of the card. i put red glitter over the glue dots to discuise them. i didn't really know what to use as the circles then i remembered flowers i got free with a magazine awhile ago, hey presto there was two yellow that fit perfectly. i attached them with two red brads. then i added two wooden ladybirds. next up the glitz!!!

don't know how well you can see but i put little dots of glitter glue on every second circle of the design. i added the take a break from the its a man's world peel-offs. then i put glitter glue on the ladybirds backs and on the butterfly in the picture.

i know there aren't too many embellishments on it but i dont like over the top stuff so i thought it was enough.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nothing to do with cards


My ice hockey team won two trophies in the National Hockey League (NHL) annual awards,

The Vezina Trophy, awarded to the "goalkeeper adjudged to be the best at his position," as selected by NHL General Managers went to Ryan Miller. Some of you may know him from the winter olympics, he played in goal for Team USA. He is my fave player on the Sabres and prob the reason i follow them. he is an amazing goal keeper and its the first time he's won this trophey although he was nominated for it a few years ago.

Ryan Miller with the Vezina

The Calder Memorial Trophy for 2009-2010, awarded "to the player selected as the most proficient in his first year of competition in the National Hockey League" was won by rookie Tyler Myers, His 1st year in the team and he played fantastic, racking up 23.44 ice time mins, more then the other defenderes on the team, also it is unusual for a defence man to win the Calder, the last defence man who won it, won it in 2003.

Tyler myers (couldn't find a photo of him with trophy)

I also just found out Ryan Miller won the NHL Foundation Player award which is for the player
"who applies the core values of ice hockey-commitment, perseverance and teamwork—to enrich the lives of people in his community" He gets a $25,000 grand for causes he supports, which will go to the Steadfast foundation which is a foundation he runs, that helps people suffering from cancer, esp children suffering from it.

So thats the end of my hockey rant. GO SABRES!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, June 21, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's day,

card for my golf loving Dad, found the image online, knew it was perfect as my father is balding on top just like the image :)

green paper from "It's a man's world" and the blue paper from a baby scrapbook kit i got,

image coloured in with Promarkers,

Face: Ivory all over then Blush for shade and Vanilla for a little more shade, some Dusty Pink on the nose and ear tips,
Hair and shoes: Henna
Golf club: Cool Grey 1, handle of club: Cool Grey 4
Golf shirt: sky blue, i found some pink ribbon i had with a diamond design on it, thought it looked very "golfy" so cut a bit to put on the bottom of the t-shirt.
Grass: Meadow Green
Tee: Carney
Trousers: i drew lines on them to make checks with Cool Grey 4

next i printed out FORE! in Blue, cut each letter out and stuck them to the top of the card, drew a black outline round each letter, and used a glitter glue round each letter to define them more, then i added "you" and "Dad" in peel-off stickers.

i thought it would be cool if i could have a hole flag on the card, i took some wire i had from some other embellishments and cut a triangle from yellow card and popped two holes in it and slid it onto the wire, then i wrote 18 on the flag, i put a yellow eyelet onto the bottom corner of the card to be the hole the flag stands in.

next i cut out "On Father's Day" that i had printed in the same blue and font and stuck it to the inside.

we'll see on Sunday what my dad thinks :)


Monday, June 14, 2010

Forever friends Birthday

Card my mam asked me to make for my cousin's 21st,

used papers from wild blossom paper pack, FF birthday cake Decoupage and peel off stickers, few pink gems and little butterfly stickers,

Not much to putting it together, few pearl beads and a bit of glitter glue to finish it off.

thought she'd like the image as she's studying to be a chef,


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mina's candy

Mina has some fab candy on her blog, jump over there to check it out,


Whiff of Joy's Spider Henry digi stamp

I found this stamp on Katharina Frei's blog, you can visit it through a link on her name. when i found it i knew it was perfect for my "brother-in-law's" 21st birthday card seeing as its quite boyish and the fact he loves superheroes,

i decided to stay within the spiderman colours blue and red. i took a blue card slightly bigger than 4 x 6, not as big as a 5 x 7 (got them free with "Let's Make Cards") and folded the front of it in half, to make an easel card, next i took some navy blue card and covered it in some blue paper from the "it's a Man's world" collection and stuck it to the fold of the base card. Then i covered the inside of the card with a red paper slightly smaller than the card.

next i printed out Spider Henry on Letraset bleed-proof marker paper for promarkers. i find this better to use than card because the card i have isn't very bleed-proof, so i usually use the paper which is very thin and then i mount it on card, so i coloured spidey in in pormarkers,
I used:

Sky blue for his suit and Indigo blue for the shadow.
Ruby red for the spider parts of his suit and Poppy for the shadow.
Dusty pink on his tale.
A mix of Ivory, Blush and Vanilla on the inside of his ears and his beard with a slight hint of Dusty Pink round the edge of his beard.
Henna on the outside of his ears.
Canary on his S crest.
Cool Grey 4 for his eyes ans his web.
And a black fineliner for around his eyes.

I'm not very good at colouring and blending colours yet plus i don't really have enough colours. Indigo blue is the darkest blue i have and the next blue down that i have is Sky blue, which don't match really but any work with what i have :)

i cut around Henry and matted him onto the card,

i then cut out a small bit of navy card, a smaller piece of red and rounded the corners of them and then added the happy birthday greeting from my stash. next i use alphabet peel-off stickers to put the sentiment on the front, i also found foam numbers i had and picked out a 21,i coloured in the 1 in red and because the ink didn't seem to be drying i put some 3d glue one it and the 2. when dry i stuck them in the top corner.

i looked at the card then and thought it was quite plain so i put some eyelets on each side, a combination of bronze and black, as i only have yellows and purples in colours, then i added some blue glitter strips on the inside of the card and a red one on the outside for some glitz :)

Ian loved it when we gave it to him and i love spidey henry, hes so cute, will probably be using him again for male cousin's and uncle's and so on for awhile. :D

Saturday, June 12, 2010

prize from hells!

I came on to-day after a while of being away to find Hells gave me a prize to put on my blog :) thank you very much Hells.

i believe there are a few rules to follow

1. Thank and link the person who gave you the award
2. Display the award on your blog
3. Tell 6 lies and one truth about yourself or vice versa
4. Nominate 7 others and leave a message letting them know.

now for my lies and truth!!!!

1. I'm a blonde

2. I love Soccer.

3. I'm 12 and a half feet tall.

4. I listen to metal music

5. Umbrella by Rianna is my fave song

6. I have a holiday house in Florida.

7. I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters.

now im off to pick my 7 people, which will be as hard for me as it was for hells seeing as i have 9 followers aswel :)