Monday, December 13, 2010

1st Candle

Well here's my tester candle, thanks to Pickle for the inscructions, :)

I used a candle that had been lit already so if it went wrong I wouldnt have used a full candle,

some snowflakes i tried out on it too, does anyone know if you can use this technique on coloured candles?

thanks for looking and for your comments

what I've been making without my card stash,

so here's what i was doing while i was stuck in Dublin, i made a scarf for myself and i continued working on a blanket im making (which i don't have photos yet)

so i basically used one 100g ball of wool which ive had for years so i don't know the colour or make, so its quite short but it's long enough to go into my coat,

it is crocheted and the pattern in 21 stiches across, 1 as a turning chain, two lines of double crochet, then two lines of treble crochet, for anyone who knows what im talking about, :) the stringy bits are just the end of the wool threaded through every second stitch.

thanks for looking and for your comments,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snow ho ho

Well no card tonight and prob wont be till at least Tuesday, i'm at my parents house two hours away from my house because of snow, more snow than i've ever seen in my life, my boyfriend works in Dublin, and it takes him an hour and a half to two hours to get into work from where we live, and on Mon mornings he opens which means hes needs to be in at 7am which means leaving the house about 5.30, however we made the descision on Sunday to head to Dublin because it had been snowing and had been very cold and i didnt really want him driving at 5.30 with snow, ice and black ice, so we said head to Dublin stay with parents, we're still here in Dublin, dont know when the snow is gonna let up, who knows when ill get home to my card stash??? i did bring wool with me so i could crochet, im currently making myself a scarf, also didnt bring any of my 50 cameras so i dont even have photos of the snow to show you :)

hope everyone is keeping warm

im off to snuggle under my covers,