Monday, December 13, 2010

what I've been making without my card stash,

so here's what i was doing while i was stuck in Dublin, i made a scarf for myself and i continued working on a blanket im making (which i don't have photos yet)

so i basically used one 100g ball of wool which ive had for years so i don't know the colour or make, so its quite short but it's long enough to go into my coat,

it is crocheted and the pattern in 21 stiches across, 1 as a turning chain, two lines of double crochet, then two lines of treble crochet, for anyone who knows what im talking about, :) the stringy bits are just the end of the wool threaded through every second stitch.

thanks for looking and for your comments,


  1. Very nice. I love to crochet and hope to make some scarves for the grandkids after the holidays are over. I am wondering what you did at the end of each row - did you use a chain stitch for turning at the end of each row and how many? Maybe chain 2 after the double crochet row and chain 3 after the treble crochet row?

  2. Hi Jenny, love the scarf, fab pastel colours.

    Donna x


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