Friday, August 20, 2010

Been a very bold girl


i know i haven't really been keeping up with my blog, ive been very busy in work (i work in a shop that sells school uniforms and there 2-3 weeks before school starts again so we're mad busy), i'm just too tired when i get home to do anything. also getting leaking shower in en-suite fixed so house is in uproar! new cylinder for hot press had to be fitted and when they took the old one out they said it came apart in their hands it was so rusted, thank god we got it changed when we did or we'd have been swimming at some stage in the near future! im off to bed now funeral to go to tomorrow, great aunt of mine died, havent seen her since i was very young though, my granny is very upset though :(

hopefully i'll have some cards for you over the weekend,


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