Friday, November 26, 2010

my Scampy

my woggie Scamp passed away in April on the 27th, which is nearly 7 months ago, i miss him every day and i just wanted to put up some photos of him, he was my big, blue eyed, sheding cuddle monster,

i love this photo of him in the snow, with the snow on his snout, he was a cross between a norwegian elkhound and a collie, my boyfriends family got him when he was a pup, and when my boyfriend and I moved into our own house we adopted him :)

I'm being barked at in the above and below photos, cos he never liked me taking photos of him but i couldnt help it, i wanted to share him with everyone, :)

this is Darren and him on the couch I must have made a noise to make him look over at me like that, of course when he moved in with us I said he wasnt getting up on the couch however no sooner had he moved in he had me wrapped round his little paw and spent all of his time on the couch,

but how could i say no to that face and those eyes,

I miss you Scampy xoxoxoxoxox


  1. Hi Jenny, aww what a handsome chap. You must really miss him, but it sounds like you have wonderful memories of him.

    Donna x

  2. Oh Jenny Scamp really was a beautiful boy. (((hugs)))

    Thanks for your loevely comments on my blog.
    You asked about the candles I made
    There is a great tutorial here on SCS

    I didn't stamp mine I printed them. but the technique is just the same.

    To print onto the tissue paper. I cut a piece of tissue paper slighly smaller than an a4 sheet and then sellotape it to a plain piece of copier paper ensuring it is taped down well on all sides then print as normal. Obviously all printer vary so I suppose it's just trial and error whether yours will print on to it ok.

    The wax paper used in the tutorial is just normal greaseproof paper.

    There are also some fab tuts on youtube.

    Kerry x

  3. Scamp was just beautiful - if you hadn't told us what he was, we would have guessed he had some siberian husky in him too. Love those blue eyes.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. He's beautiful, you must miss him so much.

  5. Aww he was gorgeous. RIP Scampy xx Jenny xx


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