Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello, I'm back

hey everyone,

it's been awhile, took a little time over christmas, didn't go on the internet at all, so to everyone i have seen or talked to over the christmas here or on Docrafts, Hope you all had a Happy Christmas and I wish you every happiness for the new year, :)

the candles I made for people went down a treat, everyone love them, :)

I've gotta get back into making cards, I got some lovely christmas papers and bits for half price in the shop I get my craft stuff,

I also made a new header for my blog, hope you like it, a few different cards I've made over the last year,


  1. Love the header.

    I used your pattern and finished a scarf for my youngest granddaughter - she loved it. I did too because it was quick and easy. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy New Year too!

  2. happy new year jenny :D

    xx coops xx

  3. Hi Jenny, your blog looks fab and Happy New Year.

    Donna x


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