Saturday, May 15, 2010

Love is in the air

i finished the chipboard album with Scampy's photos, its the first type of thing like this that ive done, i usually make cards but when i saw the chipboard album i could resist

i basically used paper i had from my stash, my idea was i would put in photos of Scamp doing the things he loved and put captions beside them,

Scamp loves.....
to Bark at people
to sit in the sun
to be loved
to sleep
to hide
he REALLY loves to sleep
to play games
to model, snap

jus above the photo of him with Darren is says "to be" its not very clear.

not a great photo but it says "to play games"

and the very back page is a tribute to him and the last photo we have of him,

R.I.P my beautiful Scamp, i hope you are having fun chasing cats in heaven xxxxxxxx


  1. what a beautiful scrapbook and great way to remember your lovely dog,thanks for sharing,x

  2. lovely work, beautiful dog, ahhh :)


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