Sunday, May 30, 2010

Graduation card

my mam asked me to do a card for my cousin who's graduation from high school in the states, i had a hard time thinking up this one, i was really at a loss for what to do as i have no images for graduation or anything else either, i searched the Docrafts gallery and the search brought up nothing, i looked it up on Google and found a few cards similar to the one i made, they were exploding cards, but i thought the academic cap part of their cards was great,

i started with yellow card and cut it 8cm X 8cm then cut some purple pearlescent 8.5cm X 8.5cm and some black card 9cm X 9cm. this would make the "top" of the cap, i choose Purple and Yellow because they are the colours of my cousins high school (found out from their website) well the colours are purple and gold, but yellow would have to do. :) i matted the card i'd cut out together,

next i made the tassel i took yellow embroidery thread wrapped it round three fingers a few times and cut it, the i took one end of it and tied a new bit of thread to it, to hold it together, i then wound the thread round the main body of the tassel and cut this and tied a knot to keep it secure, i left a bit of extra thread on the knot so i could attach it to another piece of thread that would act as the thread to attach it to the cap, then (if you're still following) i cut the end that didn't have the thread wrapped around it to open out that end, next was to attach it to a piece of thread so it could be attached to the card, i did this and put some glue at the joining knot so it wouldn't come apart, i also spread a bit of glue onto the long piece of thread to stiffen it,

next i used a little purple brad to attach tassel to the "cap." I put the "cap" onto some foam i have and pierced through the middle, then tied a small knot in the thread and put it between the two prong bits at the back of the brad and put the brad through the hole in the "cap." Then i lined up where i wanted the "cap" on my card and pierced a hole in it also and put the brad through it too.

Next i put the sentiments on it, a congratulations Nephew on the "cap" and on your graduation on the card, then i added some star peel-offs cos i thought the bottom of the looked a bit bare. i also put some eyelets in the bottom corner, 1/8 size two yellow and a purple. i used my crop-a-dial to set them.

next i use peel-off letter to put well done on the inside.

i think it turned out quite well considering i'd didnt have a clue what to do when i was asked to make it. :)

thank you everyone for all the comments you have left on my other cards and for any you leave on this.



  1. great card jenny, the shape is brilliant and i love the colour combo.luv coops.xx

  2. Its a great card Jenny. I love the colouts you have used and the shape really fits the bill. Your mother will be thrilled with it. love Helen xx

  3. Fab card Jenny, great shape & luv the colours xx Lizzy xx :)

  4. This is a perfect graduation card, Jenny- I think I'll have to have a go at making a tassel myself sometime!!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog last week and for becoming my first follower, too!! :) Rx

  5. Hi this is great and perfect for a graduation

  6. I have left an award on my blog which I would love you to accept. Helen xx


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